Introducing SafeWaste

The most cost-effective, easy to install, auto-release bin lid securing system in the world.
SafeWaste OEM fitted on a bin

SafeWaste Clip-Fit

Designed to be installed on bin lids without handles.
  • Optimised for ease of installation at time of bin manufacture or for new bin roll outs
  • Single hole clip-fit mounting for rapid retrofit installation in the field
  • Theft-proof
  • One piece solution with a slim profile design
  • Available with a range of latching strengths to suit your application
  • Custom branding available
SafeWaste Multi-Fit fitted on a bin

SafeWaste Multi-Fit

Designed to be installed on a wide range of bin lid types.
SafeWaste Multi-Fit
  • No tools required for buckle loop installation on bins with handles
  • Optional clip-fit stud available for installation on bin lids without handles
  • Can be fitted to larger 4 wheel bins (660l to 1100l) with the optional clip-fit stud
  • Can be reused if installed on the bin lid handle
  • Available with a range of latching strengths to suit your application
  • Custom branding available
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SafeWaste Benefits

Lower collection costs

  • Lessens the time wasted by collection crews on clean-ups
  • Sets a limit on end-users over filling bins
  • Reduces landfill costs by ensuring the bin lid remains closed, keeping the bin contents dry during wet weather
  • Prevents Auto side loader operators having to exit the vehicle to remove improvised devices

Protects the environment

  • Minimises litter and waste lost from bins
  • Reduces fouling of storm water drains and pipes – a common cause of flooding and water pollution
  • Heavy duty latch models are available to keep animals and birds out of bins
  • Suitable for all waste streams – general, green and re-cycle

Improves health and safety

  • Lessens the daily risks faced by collection crews
  • Eliminates user improvised solutions, e.g. bungee cords, tape, weights etc.
  • Reduces public health risks from hazardous material spillage
  • Antimicrobial additives are incorporated into the Safewaste Latch to protect users

SafeWaste Features

A cost effective and elegant solution

  • Designed and manufactured with efficient use of premium materials
  • Exceptional durability – SafeWaste has been engineered to exceed the expected lifespan of the bin
  • Easy to install – a SafeWaste model is available to cover most bin styles
    • Buckle mount for bin lids with handles or
    • Hole mount for bin lids without handles
    • Optional Hook Mount adapter available for Roto-moulded bins

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Smart S-flex design

  • The S-flex section expands to allow fitment to most bin styles
  • Absorbs the shock-load when a bin is knocked over and holds the bin lid closed
  • The SafeWaste contains an antimicrobial additive to resist bacteria and mould growth to protect users

Auto release

  • Automatic release when emptying on auto side loader and manual rear load lifting systems, with minimal payloads
  • Doesn’t become entangled with waste when tipping into the collection truck
  • SafeWaste holds the bin lid closed until the tipper is in position over the collection vehicles waste chute, preventing early opening and lost litter

Why trust SafeWaste?

Comprehensive product testing

  • Mechanically tested over 20,000 cycles without failure
  • Small notches or cuts do not compromise product integrity
  • Tested for use in extreme temperature conditions:
    -30°C (-22°F) through 70°C (58°F).
    Note: Auto release parameters will change with extreme temperatures.

Tested in the field

  • Successfully tested on a wide variety of bin lifters and bin types
  • Blind trials proved end users were able to identify the purpose and latch the bin lid without any instruction or prompting
  • Trialling and survey results have confirmed that end users like it, want it and most importantly, will use it

Field Trial

The SafeWaste Latch was evaluated in a hilly and windy neighbourhood to verify its performance, and also to gather data on effectiveness in adverse weather conditions, usage rates and waste contractor/end user feedback.

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EU Community Design Nos. 2004115186-0001 and 2004115186-0002 · New Zealand Design Registration No 422698 · NZ Patent Application No: 729165
US Design Patent Application Nos: 29/609,558 and 29/609,559 • Australian Patent Application No: 2017201035
SafeWaste catches are fantastic. Been using one for several months and even if the bin has fallen over, the contents have not released because of the catch. Fantastic invention and everyone in a windy area should be made to use them.- SafeWaste user
I think it's a fantastic idea that couldn't have been invented soon enough. Such a simple design yet works so effectively. Well done!- SafeWaste user
I think your fastener for the bin is a great idea as I am fed up with other people's rubbish blowing into my property. I have used a bungee cord on windy days but is not user-friendly for the contractor and they also are not very durable. Your lid tie down attaches perfectly is easy to use and have just seen the contractor come and empty bin and they had no problems.- SafeWaste user

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SafeWaste is a bin lid latch designed specifically to meet the needs of the waste industry.
It provides the waste industry with a unique ‘tip action’ lid latching solution.
SafeWaste has been rigorously tested in the field.
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