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SafeWaste is a wheelie bin strap designed to lock without drilling.

It provides the waste industry with a unique ‘tip action’ solution that releases rubbish under gravity.

SafeWaste is easy-to-install and is the best and most cost-effective solution on the market.

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Why SafeWaste® Is Needed

Bins have been notorious for tipping over and scattering loose rubbish all over the streets.
With SafeWaste®, bins are secure from the wind, birds, and animals – helping to keep our operators safe and our streets clean.

SafeWaste® Features

Cost effective solution

With smart design and easy installation, SafeWaste® delivers an extremely simple, cost-effective solution to a well-understood and documented problem.

SafeWaste® will interest any organisation looking to minimise the environmental impacts and costs of cleaning up lost litter and spillage issues associated with Kerb Side bin collection.

The initial investment to equip bins with a SafeWaste® will be repaid many times over.

Protecting the environment

SafeWaste® helps to protect the environment by reducing litter and waste spillage from bins. Unsecured lids are blown open, and bins can be knocked over when placed kerbside for collection, resulting in spillages onto roads. Inevitably some of the spilled contents will get into storm water drains and from there into streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans where it is virtually impossible to remove. Land based litter has to be picked up, often at high cost.

SafeWaste® is the perfect solution to mitigate these lost litter issues. It also enables organisations to achieve higher environmental standards, as well as reducing the clean-up costs associated with waste and litter contamination.

Health and safety

SafeWaste® reduces the daily risks faced by collection crews:

  • Lessens the need for clean-up of potentially hazardous or contaminated waste.
  • Prevents the overfilling of bins.
  • Stops early lid opening whilst the bin is inverting on the loader for emptying. This removes the temptation for the operator to manually hold the lid shut- a common but dangerous practice.
  • Prevents the use of end user improvised solutions such as elastic “bungee” cords with steel hooks which have been documented as a cause of eye injuries.
  • Eliminates the requirement for Automatic Side Loader truck operators having to get out of the vehicle to remove improvised lid securing measures that don’t auto release.

Smart S-flex design

The S-flex design is the key to how SafeWaste® works and functions in 2 ways:

  • The S-flex allows SafeWaste® to expand providing a “one size fits all bins” solution.
  • The S-flex absorbs the high shock load the lid experiences when the full bin is knocked over on the roadside, allowing the latch to hold the lid shut.

Auto release

SafeWaste® has been developed with input from a Waste Contracting company. Meeting their criteria was paramount and the valuable advice taken from this association played a crucial part in the design of the SafeWaste®.

Key design considerations from the industry were:

  • Automatic release when inverted on the tipper with minimal payload weights (2 – 4KG)
  • Easily fitted to all existing and current bin styles (80L – 240L with or without handles)
  • Reduce the hazards exposure and workload of waste collection crews.
  • Encourage the prevention of overfilling of bins by the end user.
  • SafeWaste® must not become entangled with waste upon tipping.
  • Low Cost.

Easy to install

The standard installation of a SafeWaste® is as simple as buckling up a belt.

For bins which don’t have a handle feature to attach to, a push-in clip is available which only requires the drilling of a single 12mm hole through the lid, followed by inserting the push-in clip from the top.

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Premium long-lasting material

SafeWaste® is engineered using the best material available, based on a thermoplastic rubber which is non-absorbent and self-cleaning. This material also has an antimicrobial additive to resist bacterial, mould and fungal growth. It is UV stable and chemically resistant to Oil, Grease, and common solvents.

Robust product testing

SafeWaste® is designed to last.

It has been mechanically tested for strength and endurance on a continuous open/close sequence of 4000 cycles. Testing has indicated that the SafeWaste® has a lifespan exceeding the life expectancy of the bin it is attached to.

The product has also been endurance tested with intentionally splits and cuts up to 20% of thickness, demonstrating that minor nicks and cuts will not adversely affect SafeWaste’s effectiveness under normal use and conditions.

Built to last and designed to work in all weather conditions (-5 to 45°C).

Tested in the field

Field testing on a variety of bin lifters and bin types was used to fine tune the lid holding and auto-opening parameters of SafeWaste® in the real world. A blind trial on pre-fitted bins showed that end users were able to identify the purpose of SafeWaste® and latch the bin lid without any instruction or prompting. Trialling and survey results have shown that end users like it, want it, and most importantly will use it.

Simplicity of design

The design of SafeWaste® looks simple. This is not by chance – it is an evolution of design based on function. Industry knowledge and production expertise has enabled SafeWaste® to meet all the required design criteria, and ensured “best value” for all end users.

Simple – Smart – Cost effective.

Two varieties to cover all bin types

SafeWaste® works with all types of bins.

The standard SafeWaste® is designed for bins with handles, the installation can be done in just a couple of seconds.

For bins without handles, we have a push-in clip available which only requires the drilling of a single 12mm hole through the lid, followed by inserting the clip from the top.

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Riverstone Terraces Field Trial

SafeWaste® was field tested for six months in the windy suburb of Riverstone Terraces in Upper Hutt to assess and verify the effectiveness of the SafeWaste latch. Also to gather data on effectiveness in adverse weather conditions, usage rates, waste contractor feedback and end user feedback.

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UEIPO design registration No 003416528-0002 · USPTO design registration application No: 29/584,325
Australia Pat. App. No. 2016900690 • New Zealand Pat. App. No. 717207
SafeWaste catches are fantastic. Been using one for several months and even if the bin has fallen over, the contents have not released because of the catch. Fantastic invention and everyone in a windy area should be made to use them.- SafeWaste user
I think it's a fantastic idea that couldn't have been invented soon enough. Such a simple design yet works so effectively. Well done!- SafeWaste user
I think your fastener for the bin is a great idea as I am fed up with other people's rubbish blowing into my property. I have used a bungee cord on windy days but is not user-friendly for the contractor and they also are not very durable. Your lid tie down attaches perfectly is easy to use and have just seen the contractor come and empty bin and they had no problems.- SafeWaste user

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SafeWaste® is a bin lid latch designed specifically to meet the needs of the waste industry.
It provides the waste industry with a unique ‘tip action’ lid latching solution.
SafeWaste® has been rigorously tested in the field.
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